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Upon receipt of your application, the LoP will evaluate your participation and actions. When you have been proven worthy, you will become part of The League of Pirates!

Please answer all questions to the fullest degree possible. Your responses will be used to decide your admittance into the guild.We do not accept free e-mail addresses, or those from AOL or Prodigy. If you aren't willing to tell us your ISP e-mail address, don't bother to apply.

If you don't come to IRC and hang with us ( in chan #LoP) you will not be accepted into the guild.

During the time that you are an app, you will be abused in IRC. You will be subject to random kicks, verbal abuse, mental abuse, large amounts of profanity, stupid-ass arguements, and heavy heated discussions of which is better: Sausage or Cheese. The app process lasts anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 or 4 months, depends on if you are an asshole or not.

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