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12-13-1997 A few minor updates this time. The Join form has been taken down. We will start accepting applications again when we have reason to (probably when Everquest draws near). Until then, anyone who thinks they might want to join the League of Pirates should just come to our IRC channel and hang out. If we like you enough, I'm sure we'll make an exception.

I linked in the old news pages, since they seemed to have disappeared at some point. Our news is complete all the way back to when Admiral Matthew took over leadership of the guild, over 18 months ago. I also updated the Induction Dates of some of our members who quit and rejoined. As a result, Feral has lost his crown as oldest existing member to Jaybird. For whatever that's worth.

I also took down some links that weren't really necessary. If anyone has any ideas for additional stuff to put on the LoP web site, let me know.

12-18-1997 After five months of immersion in Ultima Online, the League of Pirates has made its exodus out of the world of Britannia. A few pirate stragglers remain behind to carry on the LoP tradition, but most of us are looking to the future. Our ultimate goal is to find a world where we can be pirates. We thought Britannia would provide that, but Origin did very little to support ocean travel and combat. Perhaps in the near future we will be able to answer our true calling, to strike fear into the hearts of ocean travelers, to sail to distant, unknown lands, to pat wench bottoms while pounding mug after mug of ale after a long ocean voyage... But in the meantime, we will bide our time while playing other games.

Since LoP will no longer be a UO-specific guild, the focus of this web site will be changing in the coming weeks to reflect our new status.

11-12-1997 The League of Pirates welcomes Blea, DemonKnight, and Gregor to our ranks.

11-10-1997 The League of Pirates welcomes Basil Stag Hare and Lag Magnet to our ranks.

10-13-1997 The alliance with the Band has been cancelled. After polling all of its members, the Band decided to move to the Chesapeake server. Since we're on Great Lakes, an alliance between our guilds seems rather pointless. It's a shame we never got to work together, but we shall remain on friendly terms with them. And any Band members who drop by Great Lakes are welcome to hook up with us.

The League of Pirates welcomes Misark to our ranks.

10-12-1997 Ultima Online has finally been released! The League of Pirates is currently inhabiting the Great Lakes server (with Lake Superior as our backup server).

I (Drusus) have been elected leader of the League of Pirates. "Leader" is perhaps too strong a word for what I expect to be doing; it will mostly be maintaining an active roster and helping to keep the guild organized. The League has many people who are capable in-game leaders, and I hope that they are all willing to contribute their leadership abilities to help the guild and its members out.

The roster has been updated to reflect the current state of the guild. Several of our most devoted members have decided not play UO. Due to their long time commitment to the guild (and the fact that they're going to hang around with us anyhow ;), we've decided to leave them on the roster as honorary, non-UO members. As such, the roster is divided into two parts: those who have UO already and those who don't have it. I have placed all the people who don't have UO in the second group, regardless of whether they intend to play or not. If you are in the second group and already have UO, please let me know and I'll transfer you into the first group. As it is, members should be able to look at the roster and know at a glance who is in the game and who isn't.

09-17-1997 The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Blazer, Ozar, and Tune

09-05-1997 The Warlords of the Apocalypse has disbanded. Their IRC channel still exists, but they won't be a guild in UO. A few of their members have already applied to LoP, but from what I hear, most intend to go it solo (at least for now).

When you consider how many lameass guilds there are out there, it's a real shame that one like WotA had to fall apart.

Budbeard has changed his name to Soltan.

09-01-1997 Another player purge has occurred. The following people have been removed from the guild as a part of this purge: Lord Data, Lord Graye, Lucian Ravenscraft, Momar and Starclops. Also on a sad note, Sir Ossis has left the guild.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Jaybird

08-14-1997 The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Yellowbeard

08-01-1997 Since the beta, we have decided to weed out non-active members, I forget their names and it's not like anyone cares. Just thought I would mention it. Lord Chaos has changed his name to Catti-brie.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Blackgale, Bright, and Lowendrach.

07-10-1997 It brings me great pride to annouce that on this day, the League of Pirates got its first ship, "The Mighty Caspian", which was sponsored by The Negative First... it was a proud moment when the original founder of the League of Pirates, namely Temblor, rode on the maiden voyage.

The crew existed of: Asha, Bludgeon, Caffeine Dragon, DarKnight Dragon, Drusus, Fixer, Icarious, Linx, Loki, Muiy, Scurvy Knave, Svision, Temblor, WindWalker, and Yaga.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Bludgeon, and WindWalker.

07-10-1997 The crew limit has been increased to 20, if you're "jumping" ship or joining a new ship, contact me (Chemical) and I will update the roster with the appropiate information. We have moved to, an easily accessible server is ""... hope to see you there!

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Decal.

07-08-1997 Phase Two CDs are being pressed and shipped even as you read this, according to a letter sent by Lord British this phase of the test will officially start on July 9, meaning that with a bit of luck, the servers should be up and ready when testers begin to receive their Phase 2 CDs.

07-07-1997 Rudolph's Gang recently proposed an alliance with us. We accepted, but then they decided they didn't want to ally with us after all. We got angry and mail-bombed Hermie, so Hermie (being the expert hacker that he is) broke into and deleted all of our files. As a result, our webmaster had to completely redesign the web page. Hence, the update... or we could of just redesigned it on purpose, you decide!

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Caban, also Svision has returned.

06-12-1997 We discovered that Olympus is actually a spy, and in fact that he's KyserSoze, leader of the Ravens of Fate. We don't harbor any grudge against him - in fact, we're pretty impressed he managed to avoid detection for 10 months.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Ben-Wah.

06-08-1997 Some recent changes have occurred, Sirvival updated the CGI code for the new applicant voting booth and fixed that logging bug we had for a short while, if you notice any problems contact him immediately. Dendra Khan is now known as Zion Dragon.

Bluetooth has resigned from the League of Pirates.

06-01-1997 I have decided to bring back some great memories and provide some of our members with insight on what this guild really is and how it became what it is today. This news page goes back to the very early days of the League of Pirates, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.

The following members have been removed from the roster for invalid email addresses, if you are listed and have any concerns, please contact Overlord immediately: Amon Re, Butch, and Svision.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Bluetooth, Denin, Long Dong Copper, Maloch, and Phantomas.

05-09-1997 Drusus is now the Official Diplomat. After a long disappearence, Drasnia has returned and has been welcomed back into the guild. There were talks in the last meeting about reducing the size of the council to 7 for the post beta election.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Icarious, Warblade

04-17-1997 The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Jander, Zeth

04-10-1997 Drasnia was officially dropped from the member roster and therefore, her position as Diplomat/Intelligence will be under official vote. Please submit your vote on this topic and the other topics in the vote booth.

Sirvival has been working behind the scenes on the webpage, with some new CGI code that will improve the capabilities of the site and some cosmetic changes as well. If you notice any errors or problems, please contact him promptly.

04-03-1997 On this day, The Band officially has become allied with the League of Pirates, a momentous occasion that will prove beneficial to both guilds. Discussions on our official starting point (if we decide to have one) is under talks and hopefully will be decided upon shortly.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Dendra Khon, Dogrot Pusgristle, Duchess, Kobold, Lochbar, and Wench.

03-17-1997 One of the largest meetings we have had in a long time, its great to see such an active role being taken by our members and our allies. Major discussion on the alliance with The Band proved to have a positive tone on both sides and alliance is well on its way. For details on the terms of the alliance please check the private chat zone.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Khan, Svision and Youngblood.

03-14-1997 Not as many members showed up for the meeting as we would have liked to have seen, but thanks to all those who did show up, and its good to see a lot of prospective members becoming more active in guild activities. The proposed alliance with the Chaotic Horde was declined, further discussion on alliances will be brought up at the next meeting, along with ideas on common allies between the League of Pirates and WotA.

Polls were taken during the meeting on certain key subjects, I would like to first of all thank Twister for helping us out with them. It was decided that the council would have final say on major votes. Guild votes will now be done offically with the CGI, CGI votes would last one week in length and members would be contacted by email on the vote topic.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Blackbart.

03-06-1997 Another great turnout for the meeting, we hope next week's meeting will be as successful as today's. The Giuseppes failed to show up for the meeting and it was obvious that their involvement with the League of Pirates was minimal, thus we have dropped them as allies. The council has also decided upon a non-official replacement for Drasnia, Drusus will takeover her role as Intelligence/Diplomat (congratulations).

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Lord Data and Regault.

03-04-1997 We are currently planning on designing a new look for the main page, comments are always welcomed. The following issues will be discussed at our next meeting: our alliance with the Giuseppes, new possible alliances, and Drasnia's replacement.

02-18-1997 Many new things have been added to the page over the past week. Our last meeting was very successful, I would like to thank everyone who attended. We have decided to have meetings only once a week from now on (Thursday). This may change once the beta starts though. We have decided on inviting the Giuseppe members to our next guild meeting, so that we can see how our alliance stands.

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Asha, Blackmane, Crimson and Lord Chaos.

02-19-1997 The new page went up officially on Wednesday, February 19th, 191997. This marks a new age for the League of Pirates. We would personally like to thank Admiral Matthew for all the great work he had done for the guild up to his leave, and hope to see him in Ultima Online!

The League of Pirates welcomes to our ranks: Abindago, Bud Beard, Direwolf, Drusus, NivenHuH, Scurvy Knave and Trauman Clogg.

02-02-1997 In order to solve our problems with guild size and ranks, a group of second circle members have proposed a completely new guild structure. Basically it eliminates the current ranking system (including guild leaders) and replaces it with an elected council of eleven members, each responsible for managing a certain part of the guild. You can view the complete proposal by clicking here.

Since this is what the majority of the second circle wants, Caffeine, Drasnia, and myself (Matthew) will support this proposition. So over the next five days I will be accepting nominations for the council positions. If you're in the first circle or higher and you'd like to nominate someone for the council, please send your nominations to me via email. Remember that for this initial election only second and third circle members are eligible for nomination. Sometime next weekend I will conduct the actual vote for the council positions. Each member will be asked to vote on the nominated members and I will tally up the results. At that point Caffeine, Drasnia, and I will step down from our leadership positions and the new council will become the official ruling body of the guild.

The other main objective of the new guild structure is to make the LoP into a more elite guild. For this reason we will no longer maintain a 'prospective member' roster or status, nor will we be accepting applications. From this point on a person can only gain membership by invitation. However, I strongly encourage those who wish to become part of the LoP not to give up. If you are truly commited to our cause you should have no problem gaining membership, it's just that the process will take a little more determination and commitment than before.

01-15-1997 Thursday nights meetings was...well...chaotic! With nearly 30 people showing up it was hard to keep things under control and stay on any given topic for more than a few seconds. Using Powwow's moderated mode might help a little, but that still doesn't stop people from talking whenever (and about whatever) they like. I'm not saying we should totally regulate the discussion, but there are times when people just need to keep quite for a minute and listen. If you have any ideas on how we can better manage our meetings please post them on the message board.

Flint Shadowstone has been sponsored by Fixer, Inwo Dragon by Bludgeon, Virus by Ravage, Aarion by Drasnia, Amon-Re by DarkBlade, and Ringo by Admiral Caffeine.

Chemical and Guido have been promoted into the second circle. Congrats!

We have seven more prospective members. Drusus, Senan Theodorus, Sir Trauman Clogg, Loominight, Conan, Musya, and Snizzat

Vomit has left the guild. I think it's safe to say that he left on rather unpleasant terms.

01-10-1997 The final member of the Triumvirate has been chosen! Congratulations to Drasnia for her promotion to leadership status. She'll continue her diplomatic work for the LoP and manage most of our external affairs. Any issues that relate to allies, enemies, or public relations in general should be directed to Admiral Drasnia. Any issues related to promotions, demotions, or crews should be directed to Admiral Caffeine. And any issues related to the LoP web site (roster, news, message board, joining, etc.) or the guild in general should be directed to myself, Admiral Matthew.

I really appreciate everyone's patience and support over the course of the leadership transition. Choosing only two people to promote when we have so many great members in the guild wasn't easy. I hope that those of you who weren't chosen, but had hoped to serve as part of the Triumvirate, aren't too dissapointed.

Yaga has been sponsored by Scoundrel. Pirate of Death has been sponsored by Overlord.

Raven and Nalfein are the latest prospective members.

I finally got around to removing JJ from the roster, he left the guild awhile back.

Psyscape has changed his name to Kreegor.

1/14-1997 The first member of the Triumvirate has been chosen! Please congratulate Caffeine Dragon on his promotion to leadership status. He'll be handling most of the guilds internal affairs such as promotions, demotions, and crew management. Once the second member is chosen, and the Triumvirate is complete, Caffeine's position will become official.

Whiskey Jack has been sponsored by Muiy, Bishop has been sponsored by Admiral Matthew, Twister has been sponsored by Bludgeon, Tomas has been sponsored by Kain, and Cabot has been sponsored by Jaybird. These individuals are now recognized as official members of the League.

Praxis, Dark, Yaga, Rasputin, Lazaros, Crimson Knight, and Germ are the guild's latest prospective members.

MSCW has changed his name to Peiran and Tarkin has changed his name to Aarion.

01-04-1997 As most of you already know, in a couple weeks I will no longer have the time to single handedly run the guild. Real world things like work and school are finally catching up to me. As a solution to this problem I am discussing the idea of changing the LoP's leadership structure to a triumvirate (ruled by three) with the second circle members. Please bear with us and keep an eye on our message board for the latest developments.

We have five more prospective members: Red Wolf, Sovremenii, Barrett, Amon-Re, and Judas Blood.

Spartan has been sponsored for guild membership by Ankar Black, and Decimator has been sponsored for guild membership by Ro'a-kana.

Imar has been promoted into the second circle for his lasting dedication to the guild!

MonkeyStar has changed his name to Ryoga.

Note: News for the year of 1996 is available here.