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Just when i was trying to set a new record for not updating this page with near 4 months of inactivity, we had to go move IRC networks again to the otherside network.

In other news, since he has returned to post on our message board about his porn riches, I've readded Youngblud to the roster. In other member news, welcome Samson to the guild. May he thrive in our no game playing lazy ass "guild". And in closing, in order to keep the streak going, LoP has once again returned to UO. Expect those 15-20 people to stop playing within 2 months.

07-11-1999 Not much has happened to the League of Pirates since the last news update.

It is the middle of the summer, it is gaming purgatory.

With nothing better to do, we dumped Grogan as our leader. After discovering that he is nothing but a jobber for Southern Championship Wrestling, this was an easy task. A vote was made and an Inanimate Carbon Rod was named the new guild leader. This rod is an unbelievably versatile non-entity, useful in activities from perverse female self-pleasure to building the rocket that a young pirate holds in his arms below.

Serve the guild well, Inanimate Carbon Rod!

1-16-1999 Transition is usually a difficult thing, and that has proven true when it comes to the latest change of leadership in the League of Pirates. Despite his excellent guidance, a Lando Calrissian Action Figure has been ousted as LoP's top dog. In his place, the revolutionaries have given the crown to a man named Grogan. Although he is not a member of the LoP, Admiral Grogan is now in charge.

He is deserving of our utmost respect.

01-15-1999 Mojo and Greebs are the League's newest members.

Skrewball and Twister have pleaded insanity and want to be re-added to the League of Pirates!

Also, Chemical has left the guild to get on with his life. A member for more than two years, Chemical is one of the all time great members, so I added him to the "Retired Pirates" section.

10-30-1998 The new members just keep rolling in. Cornelious, Darkwalker, Drachenfels, and Talen have all been accepted into the League.

Bobo, Monkey Warlord has left the guild. He had no parting words of wisdom. He will be missed.

10-03-1998 Lando recently ordered a roster purge of the hella inactive LoP members (i.e those we haven't seen since UO went final) which cut us down to 62 members. Now admittedly this puts us at a fairly low point in our guild's hallowed history with so few members, but I think that if we stick together through this tough time and start recruiting anyone who posts on the EQ Vault Court of Guilds then we'll be okay. Along with the purge, we started a Retired section of the League for those members who are no longer with us but who's longstanding loyalty deserves to be remembered.

Arzakon, Bloodfire, Kromsluth, and Bobo, Monkey Warlord are all recent additions to da League.

Ultima Online recently had its first aniversary, and as sad as this is to announce - there's still a few select retards from the LoP still playing this game. Fortunately some of us have, (cough) Sony rules (cough), better things to do.

07-31-1998 Lando has been busy doing LoP type stuff, but since he has better things to do with his time than become an HTML dork, he's forced some of his lackeys to update the page for him.

Monty, Mocker, Ceryx, Kimic, and Lochbar have all be accepted into the League of Pirates. Their names are listed in order of lameness, so obvious conclusions can be drawn about this batch of new members - Monty especially. With these additions, the League of Pirates is up to 86 members - perhaps we can eventually regain the former greatness of our 250 member guild!

Lando has named Starclops his Deputy General, and as General of the Land Armies Blackgale remains third in command. These two members are to be treated with the utmost respect.

07-10-1998 The news file will be updated as soon as its converted, a long and tedious process that I really dont feel like doing today, maybe on the weekend since I have nothing better to do with my time. Pathetic!

07-19-1998 HTML wizard Chemical puts up version 6.0 of our webpage. Send him your comments, threats and congrats on a job well done in IRC, where he will mostly likely ignore you.

06-10-1998 As some of you may know, the good Admiral Drusus has abdicated his position as leader of the League of Pirates. This was a great blow to some of us who thought he had excellent deliberation and moderation skills, and some of us just didn't notice. Pirates have a long tradition of democracy, which has existed before any western European nation accepted this philosophy, so it was only natural for us to vote for a new leader. This leader would have to inspire fears into the hearts of our enemies, this leader would have to inspire our pirates to peak morale, and most important of all, this leader would have to have a high worth so he would be naturally respected.

After days of voting and deliberation, we have selected ...

The Lando Calrissian action figure. Once selling for $2.99 (US) at Toys R' Us in the 1980's, The Lando Calrissian action figure (loose), is worth over $15.00 (US) to many fans worldwide. Still with his cape and gun, a rare commodity among the older members of his race, uncarded action figures, this surely proves his worth and uniqueness. Serve the LoP well, a Lando Calrissian action figure!

05-14-1998 The guild war patch for Ultima Online will be published some time within the next month, possibly as soon as June 1. This patch will allow notoriety-free combat between guilds, and in fact completely abolishes the old notoriety system. We're seeing a resurgence of interest in UO from old members... Caff is playing again, and Spat and GUido plan to rejoin soon as well. So for those of you who want to partake in some LoP guild wars, now's the time to reactivate that UO account.

In other news, Thac has rejoined the guild.

04-19-1998 Ithaqua, Tune, and Fusion have been inducted into the League of Pirates, Tune for the second time. Hmm, it just occurred to me that we probably have the highest ratio of members who have joined the guild more than once than any guild in history. Well, maybe except for BC...

03-16-1998 The Everquest beta apps are now up. If you haven't signed up already, do so as soon as you can. The signup is for any phase of the beta test, so even if you think you don't have the requisite hardware requirements now, I'd recommend signing up in case Sony takes as long to send out beta CDs as Origin did. I'll be conducting a roll call once the Everquest beta dates become announced.

Ampere has been inducted into the League of Pirates.

02-18-1998 The old schoolers keep coming home... Sir Ossis has decided to rejoin the guild. He realized that he was spending all his time with us anyway, and this was the only way he could get access to our private chatzone. ;) Also, Inwo Dragon has quit the LoP due to his founder access being removed and his being put on auto ban from #lop without prior consultation with him (in his words).

I added a few more titles to people's names on the roster, trying to reflect the titles that are on our guildstone. If you have any requests for title changes, please e-mail me or ask me in IRC.

02-15-1998 We had our first guild get-together in several months, and it was good to see that people haven't lost interest. We had an excellent turnout, even though we didn't have any official business to discuss.

Once again we are honored to have a few long time friends of the guild join us. BilgeBreath and Vanji (formerly known as Romanov) have decided to become pirates of the League. Also, DemonKnight has rejoined.

02-01-1998 Long time friends of the guild DarKnight, Linx, and Lord Cie have decided to cast their lot with us. We welcome them aboard as full members of the League.

01-15-1998 We've moved to a new IRC server - FEFNet. A few server addresses are and

01-07-1998 Demon Knight and Maloch have left the guild. Shadowstone (formerly Flint Shadowstone) also left, but asked to rejoin a few days later. Fortunately, I was too lazy to remove him in the first place.

Note: News for the year of 1997 is available here.