Our Mission

To strike terror into the hearts of all who dare to sail the seas! The League of Pirates commands the largest and most powerful assault force ever seen, striking upon unsuspecting merchants and seafarers within a moments notice.

By land we pillage and plunder, taking whatever we desire. Nothing is beyond our grasp for we are the master thieves lurking in every shadow, the fearless warriors thirsting for blood, and the deliverers of destruction to every village, town, and castle.

After a hard day's work we all kick back at a local tavern and drink to our victory. With a mug of ale in one hand and a wench in the other, there is no grander life than that which we lead.

Ranks / Titles

The League of Pirates is led by a Lando Calrissian action figure. The rest of the guild bends to his will.

Guild Headquarters

Guild HeadquartersFinding our guild headquarters is not an easy task. You'll need to embark on a long ocean voyage to a distant, deserted island. There is a tall mountain in the middle of the island, which has been known to spew sulfurous gases. The pass on the eastern side of the mountain is guarded by a flock of bald, yet rabid sheep. The pass ascends around the mountain, through narrow crags and above verdant valleys. At the top, a small promontory juts out of the mountain, which is inaccessible by normal means due to a trench that extends downwards for miles, into the fiery depths of the underworld. To reach the promontory you'll either need to cast Rel Por, polymorph into a flying chicken, chop down a tree which you can lay across the gap, or wait for the ferry. The promontory is no more than five feet by five feet square, so be careful not to slip and fall. Once you've reached the promontory, you can cast Kal Ort Por on the rune we left there - that'll take you to our headquarters east of Vesper.


Meetings are an important part of our guild. Not our meetings - other guilds' meetings. We like to make unexpected "visits" to other guilds when they're trying to conduct official business. They're always so excited to see us that they stop what they're doing and start discussing the merits of our guild. When we aren't in other guilds' IRC channels, we hang out in our own. You can find us on the "irc.stratics.com" Stratics server, under the channel #lop.

Killing / Stealing

We don't have any strict rules about killing or stealing. If you're going to steal, don't get caught. If you're going to kill, don't bite off more than you can chew.

Guild Colors

The League of Pirates official guild colors are dark blue and gold. Dark blue symbolizes our home on the high seas. Gold symbolizes our massive piles of treasure and endless desire for ale.

Dual Membership

All members must swear full loyalty to the League of Pirates. You must terminate your membership with all other guilds before joining. Special exceptions may be made if the guild permits. Currently the only exception is with the great Rudolph's Gang. And although we don't permit dual memberships, every member is encouraged to quit and rejoin this guild as often as possible.


We're not actively seeking members, but we welcome anyone who wants to apply. Just go to our application form and fill out an application. Hang out with us on IRC, play some games with us, and eventually we'll start to think of you as one of us and invite you to join the guild. Keep in mind that it can take weeks to months to get accepted into the guild (since we're pretty damn lazy about inducting new members). However, the rewards for becoming a member of the League of Pirates are well worth the effort.